Saturday, March 15, 2014

Tips To Help Bloggers With SEO

When people start off with their blogging site, they think that they can just write a brilliant article and then readers will flock to their site. This is not the case because unless you listed on the first few pages for your keywords, no one will even know that you have written anything.

They might not even know about your site. That is why it is important to learn about SEO as well. Some bloggers will tell you that you will get an audience eventually, as long as you write good content. This might be true, but it will not happen over night. You have to be prepared to wait for the long haul.

If you learn some SEO skills, then you will get an audience sooner because people will be able to find your blog. Some people will find SEO a bit too intimidating, but if you want to learn some basic elements, then read on for some tips.

When you are writing a blog, you might notice that you get more viewers when you have posted, when compared with your figures when you do not post. Therefore, you should try and post a lot.
Google prefers website that have new posts at least 5 times a week. They are more likely to index your site so it will be listed on search results. Once this happens, you will notice that you get more viewers and you will see Google being listed in the analysis of your traffic.

If you have used WordPress to build your website or blog, you will notice that there is a menu for plug-ins. You should click on this menu and search for SEO plug-ins. Once they are installed, they will work in the background when you are writing. They might show you how certain words will affect your traffic, or they will automatically add your meta tags for you.

One thing that you will see is the meta description section. You should fill this in because this affects your SEO. It will be the description that appears under the name of the post, in search results.

Adding to Search Engines
Some people think that when they open their websites, Google and other search engines will just know, automatically, that it is there. If only that was true, but it isn't.

You have to inform the search engines that your website is there so that they can index your site, as mentioned above. You can do this by going to each of the search engines and submitting your web address to be indexed.

They won't do this immediately, so that is not the end of it. You will have to continue to post and promoting your posts and then eventually, you will be indexed. The site could be indexed within a few hours, or a few months, but it should happen eventually.

Load Testing
One of the best things to do for your SEO is load testing. If you open your website and it takes a few minutes to load, then people will not like your site and Google might even penalize you when they come to index your site. This might mean that the site is listed in page 10 of the search results.

This will mean that no one will see the site. Therefore you need to make sure that the site loads quickly. A good load testing service will be able to tell you what is going wrong with the site, so that you can change it.

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